United Arab Emirates Gum Arabic ( Acacia Seyal ) (United Arab Emirates)
MMTS TRADING GROUPS-Gum Arabic ( Acacia Seyal )
Gum Arabic, or acacia gum, is the resin exuded by Acacia Senegal trees. The tapping and harvesting of the trees in the semi-arid regions of the Sudan ,It is a superior emulsion former that has no substitute among synthetic additives. It provides excellent shelf life stability to oil in water emulsions and does not mask flavors with a filmy texture or off-flavor on the tongue. It is Produced in nature, Gum Arabic is 95% soluble fiber calculated on a dry basis. Its calorific value is arguably less than half that of starches and maltodextrins Product : Gum Arabic Acacia Seyal ( Talha ) Origin : Sudan Sales Term: CNF Payment : CAD or T/T Product year: 2017 Packing : 50kg Loading : 22mt / 20fcl

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Posted on : 2017-08-04    Expiry Date: 2018-12-31

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