Italy Plastic Waste Sacks Production - Italian Plastic Waste-bag Manufacturer (Italy)
Nuova Gandiplast Srl
Nuova Gandiplast Srl-Plastic Waste Sacks Production - Italian Plastic Waste-bag Manufacturer
WASTE MANAGEMENT: Plastic Waste Sacks Production - Italian Plastic Waste-bag Manufacturer Sizes and thicknesses - Capacity: from 20 to 360 liters; - Width: 50 to 140 cm (single fold maximum 85cm); - Length: 60 to 250 cm; - Thickness: 25 to 150 my. Nuova Gandiplast s.r.l. has for years taken the environment as a fundamental aspect of its corporate mission. The activity of mechanical recycling, in itself, is a significant advantage for the environment, so as to be inserted in the first place among the forms of recovery in the hierarchy established by the European Union. Produce new artifacts from waste, in fact, allows a considerable saving of non-renewable sources, reducing the use of raw materials generated from oil, and a massive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Despite our every issue always falls within the parameters of the law, to try to be more "eco friedly" Nuova Gandiplast by early 2010 started a project to reduce odors and improve even more emissions in the environment. After evaluating various abatement systems, we opted for the"activated carbon" technology, the most effective for us. After studying with the specialist sizing of the filter, during the same year, were initiated legal procedures for the installation and commissioning of the same. In the months of August and September, after obtaining all authorizations, installation work began. On October 1st, 2010 plant was put into operation. After the operation, with the presence of ARPA, were made of samples at the origin of the emissions and their spill, to verify the effectiveness of the system. With "activated carbon" treatment we got a result beyond all expectations: 70% cut of the impurities created in the process. For the "Regeneration" area, Nuova Gandiplast started a new project for the abatement odors in the second half of 2013. The use of the "activated carbon" syste this time was not the best alternative as such origins of emissions were diffrent. After evaluating the most innovative abatement systems, we decided to use the bio filtration. The operation is very simple, the emissions pass through a layer of 2 meters of "turf" that watered with water, is activated by creating micro organism that literally eat odorous molecules emitted air. Impressed by this system we started the legislative procedures for the installation and commissioning of the same. After getting all autorizations, in early 2014, work started for laying and installation of the filter, up to the September 15, 2014 with the launch of the system for reducing odors. With the start of the "Bio Filter" air quality has improved dramatically, this was confirmed by analyzes carried out always in the presence of ARPA.

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