Italy Plastic Waste Bags for Domestic Use (Italy)
Nuova Gandiplast Srl
Nuova Gandiplast Srl-Plastic Waste Bags for Domestic Use
Gandiplast produces Plastic Waste Bags for Domestic and Industrial use as well. Plastic Garbage sacks and bags for the separate collection of waste. SPECIFICATIONS: Raw material -LDPE Low density Sizes and thicknesses - Capacity: from 20 to 360 liters; - Width: 50 to 140 cm (single fold maximum 85cm); - Length: 60 to 250 cm; - Thickness: 25 to 150 my. Range of colors The bags are made with a variety of colors including yellow, purple, blue, green, brown, orange, red and white without neglecting the black and transparent. Nuova Gandiplast is willing to accept any kind of request. Laboratory Nuova Gandiplast uses its own laboratory. Here we test the mechanical and elastic properties of the product. First of all we verify: -conformity of color; -resistance welding. Weight and thickness control: -with the use of a micrometer we prove the exact thickness; -a thousandth balance prove weight per meter. To test the physical properties of the product we do the following tests: - "ball droop" with a weight to fall (which varies depending on thickness) we prove the resistance to impact, so the tear strength side; - "dynometer" which tests the resistance to vertical pull. These procedures are used to test the strength of the product.

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