Centrale Export How it Works?

 Registered User can access all site contents. Once registered the User receive an unlimited sum of "credits" to view all the available information about LEADS and COMPANY PROFILE with all avalaible data. More specifically the User can see all contact data: address, telephone, telefax, mobile, email address, website, contact person.
The access to BusinessRadar data is FREE.

The information gathered can be saved, printed and used for commercial, marketing, consulting purposes.
In no way information on Business Radar site can be redistributed to third parts either free or on payment without the explicit and written authotization by Stelnet srl.


Inserted Information.

Registerd User can insert in the BusinessRadar system three type of information:

The above elements are interconnected as follows:
• Each COMPANY PROFILE has zero or more LEADS and zero or more CONTACTS
• Each LEAD can be related to none or just ONE CONTACT .
• A LEAD can be related to any company already inserted. In this case it is called ORPHAN.
• Each LEAD can have one picture.

Information Ownership.

The User can add information about his own company or information for companies that give him commitment about promoting on Internet their companies .
The User can insert his own contact details for each COMPANY and/or LEAD inserted, being the consultant for every communication between the